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Seydel harmonica

Seydel harmonica

Seydel was established in 1847 and is the oldest manufacturer of harmonicas in the world. Thanks to huge investment the last 5 years, Seydel harmonicas has developed into a global player. These harmonicas are all of top quality. 
Seydel harmonicas are still hand-crafted in Klingenthal, Germany.

We are proud to be official Seydel sales partner.


All models available: Seydel big six, Seydel fanfare, Seydel favorite, Seydel session steel, Seydel solist pro, Seydel 1847 noble, Seydel 1847 silver, Seydel classic, Seydel noble low, Seydel classic low, Seydel silver, Seydel chromatic de luxe, Seydel chromatic de luxe steel, Seydel standard, Seydel mini, Seydel orchestra S.